Searching for a Twitter sugar daddy

It’s no secret that my Twitter account @abigailsiren is the driving force behind this blog.

That means that you, my lovely Twitter followers, are always pushing me forward, helping me to achieve my goals.

But the amount of attention I can get for my blog on Twitter is limited by the number of followers that I have. And that number seems to have stalled a little bit lately. I could try and boost my followers by following more people but Twitter seem to be frowning on that approach more and more and I really don’t want to risk losing my account. It’s far too valuable to me.

So, the easiest way of getting a huge number of followers behind me is to use someone else’s followers.

I’ll cut straight to the chase.

I am looking for a Twitter sugar Daddy.

I am looking for a guy or girl who has over 50,000 Twitter followers to start regularly tweeting links to my blog and retweeting my tweets.

And I will be very, very grateful.

How grateful?

You’ll just have to wait and find out…

Get in touch with me @abigailsiren on Twitter and show me what you’ve got.


Professional blogging backlash

Ever since getting fired from my job because of my blog I have been cheekily referring to myself, just occasionally, as a professional blogger. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with describing myself in that way. After all, I am now treating my blog, complete with my brand new and super exclusive Private Collection, as my full time job.

But some people don’t agree with me. And some of them are getting pretty angry about it.

Here’s a comment I received from one such angry person.

You are not a professional blogger. You are nothing but a nasty whore trying to get traffic the easy way by taking your clothes off and writing sexually provocative blog posts that you know will pull in lots of readers. This is nothing to do with professional blogging as taught by such professional blogging luminaries as Brian Clarke. Keep your pornographic photographs to yourself and stop polluting the professional blogging water with your nasty filth.

Ooh. He’s really cross. Really cross.

He did leave his name but I’m not one of those people who likes to name and shame people, even when they are nasty to me like that. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that.

Funnily enough the person he mentions, Brian Clarke, runs a blog called Copy Blogger and it is one of the blogs that I started reading when I was searching for information about professional blogging.

I wonder if Brian would think that I was welcome in the professional blogging club or not. I really liked his blog and thought it had some pretty good advice on it. Seems a shame that some of his readers think I am so terrible.

Can’t we all just get along?

Surely the professional blogosphere is big enough for all of us, whatever our niche, whatever our style, whatever our size, to coexist happily, isn’t it?

Or is it the case that some people, like our angry commenter above, have judged me by the way I look, by looking at my assets and thinking they know everything there is to know about me without even taking the time to talk to me?

Chubby girls, chubby girls like me, face this kind of thing every day.

Every single day.

And it really isn’t very fair.

Chubby girls should be allowed in the professional blogosphere just like anyone else.

Even if they are chubby girls like me that like to be very naughty and enjoy their sexuality and their body in a very open way.

So this one goes out to all the professional bloggers out there who might be a little bit unhappy about me crashing their party.

Let’s just be nice to each other. There’s no need for all this animosity.

I’m a girl. I’m chubby. I’m naughty. I’m a professional blogger.

And I’m here to stay.


Business suit selfie

I’m in full business mode today so I thought I’d just share this selfie of my new business suit. It’s been a very busy week and today I’m concentrating hard on building up my new business that is going to run alongside my blog.

Hope you like it guys. And if you do, please leave a comment and I’ll post some more.

And, just in case you haven’t already guessed, if you want to see what I look like taking this suit off, click here…


The Abigail Siren Private Collection

The Abigail Siren Private Collection is my special gift to all of you lovely guys and girls out there who have supported me online since I started blogging a little while ago. Many of you asked me to go further in my photographs and share them with you so that you could enjoy them.

And now you can.

Fully uncensored photographs in stunning high resolution of me slowly getting naked for you.

Fully uncensored videos in stunning HD of me dancing, stripping and doing all kinds of naughty things.

Getting naked and then doing all the naughty things that you know I just love to get up to.

All just for you

If you have enjoyed looking at the small photographs of me on my blog were I tease you but don’t let you see what’s underneath my clothes you will absolutely love what I have in my private collection.

Because these photographs and videos are explicit I have decided to make sure they are only available to adults. This means that to access them you need to register with a free adult verification service called Sex Key.

The process is simple, quick and, most importantly, free.

Click this link to register now and you’ll be immediately taken to my Private Collection where you can download and enjoy everything you have ever dreamed of.

See you inside guys.

If you have already registered click here to enter my Private Collection.


Please don’t stop… I’m so close baby… Please… That’s it… Right there… Don’t stop…

That feels so good baby… just keep doing that… right there… please don’t stop… please… don’t… stop…

All the girls out there will know exactly what I mean. Sometimes, usually when you are getting close to an orgasm, everything starts to feel just perfect.

Pure orgasmic bliss.

And when that happens, when everything is working, the only thing to do is to continue.

Keep going.

Keep doing whatever it is you are already doing.

Over and over and over again.

All of you guys have been absolutely brilliant in helping me build my Twitter account into a little monster of epic proportions. You have helped me build @abigailsiren to the point where I can, I’m pretty sure, safely depend on it as an ongoing source of traffic for my blog which means I can continue my wonderful journey of discovery as a blogger.

And it feels wonderful.

So I don’t want you to stop.

Please don’t stop.

But this post isn’t just to say a quick and sexy little thank you to all of you. It’s a little bit more than just that.

I’m writing this in bed, late at night because I can’t sleep.

I need your help. Losing my job, even though it was a job that I hated, has left me in a position where I’m a little bit financially vulnerable. I know I can make this blog work and I know that I can make it generate a good income for me but I need traffic in order to make that a viable reality. I need as much traffic as I can get.

And since my @abigailsiren Twitter account is my main source of traffic I need any help that you can give me to help push my account following as high as possible.

So, if you like reading my blog, if you enjoy my photographs, and you like the direction I’m headed in and want to support me, please don’t stop helping me build my Twitter account @abigailsiren and keep hitting that sweet spot for me as often as you can.

I’ll make you this promise. If you continue to help me grow my Twitter account @abigailsiren and help me grow my blog by linking to it whenever and wherever you can I promise to do everything I can to keep you happy. And I think we both know that I am more than capable of putting a very large smile on your face!

Here are few ways in which you can continue to help me achieve my dream of making this blog viable as a full time job and source of income.

Anything will help. And I know you can do it because you have already done it and continue to do so.

The key to success, just like a great orgasm, is to keep doing whatever works once you’ve found the sweet spot.

And, of course, please don’t stop.


Advertise with me and boost your traffic

I was wondering last night how to monetise my blog. And then, in a flash of inspiration while I was rolling around naked, it occurred to me that I have things that people are interested in getting their hands on.

No, you naughty thing, not those things.

I mean traffic. Twitter traffic, blog traffic, all kinds of traffic.

I’ve got it and, I’m willing to bet, some of you would like it.

So, if you’re interested in advertising with me and seeing how much traffic I could throw your way via my twitter account @abigailsiren and my blog, either leave a comment below or follow me and get in touch.

I’m sure it will be the start of a beautiful and profitable relationship.



Subscribe to my new email list and get access to super naughty exclusive photographs

One thing that all professional bloggers seem to agree on is that you need to build an email list in order to succeed.

And the easiest way, according to the very same professional bloggers, to build an email list is to give something away for free to all new subscribers in order to entice them into subscribing.

So, since you’ve all been so complimentary about my photographs recently I thought I’d give you a chance to grab some exclusive and very naughty photographs of me when you subscribe to my new email list.

It’s managed by the wonderful people at MailChimp so everything is above board and safe. You won’t get spammed, your email won’t get used by anyone else etc. etc.

What are you waiting for? Click this link and subscribe now!


My first night as a professional blogger

So here I am. Lying naked on my bed, rolling around, contemplating the whirlwind of events that have taken place over the last few days.

I started my blog, I barred my soul and I got fired from my job.

And then I fought back, building an army on twitter to help me kickstart the next chapter of my life as a full time professional blogger.

Friends have offered me advice, and some of it made even me blush, but now I have to spend some time thinking and planning, making sure I have a fighting chance at success in this ever competitive arena.

I can’t say thank you enough times to all of the people who have helped me over the last few days. You’ve all been absolutely amazing and continue to help me achieve my goals and establish a credible base of operations here at and on twitter @abigailsiren.

The next chapter of my life begins tonight.

Come with me. I promise it will be one hell of a ride.




Introducing Sirens. A small but perfectly formed group of female bloggers on twitter, looking out for each other and doing their best to help each other succeed online. Empowering female bloggers with the traffic and readership they deserve, one twitter account at a time.

Strictly invitation only.

Follow the list at

Interested in scoring an invitation? Get in touch with any of the list members and we’ll take it from there.


Shower selfie

I know, I know, I’m a naughty girl for doing this, but it was so much fun.

I promised I would take a selfie in the shower if I got 1,000 more followers while I was in the shower.

Sadly, I didn’t hit my target.

But I thought I would post the selfie anyway since I’m a nice girl like that. And it would be such a shame to waste such a naughty selfie.

The rest of the photo, the bottom half of it, will remain hidden though. Until my twitter follower count reaches 30,000.

You know what you need to do guys, you know what you need to do!